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The books of our publishing house are primarily intended for people who are professionally working in the field of manual medicine, osteopathy, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, psychotherapy and psychology, as well as those who are interested in these areas.

Our goal is to publish up-to-date, reliable and specialists’ necessary literature on modern methods of preventive care and health improvement of the body.

Our mission is to provide all the diversity of proven approaches and techniques of modern alternative medicine. With the help of our books, you will expand your professional horizons, improve your qualification and increase the stock of your knowledge.

Our literature introduces manual therapists, osteopathic physicians, psychotherapists and specialists of rehabilitation medicine to new and proven practices. We cooperate with world famous foreign authors and publishing houses.

The publishing house «MultiMethod» makes a world-class professional literature available!

The books of our publishing house

Each book of the publishing house «MultiMethod» is a way, is a research. Educational literature is the fruit of practical activity, scientific research and methodological developments. Each edition contains work, which we treat with a deep respect. We make great efforts to put valuable content in a relevant high-quality shape. We strive to make the book not only useful and interesting, but also convenient and pleasant to read.

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Meet Our Authors

Suzanne Scurlock-Durana, C.M.T, C.S.T.-D (Reston, VA) For more than twenty-five years Suzanne has taught and mentored in the area of conscious awareness and its relationship to the healing process. She has developed a uniquely creative approach to energy, presence, grounding and integrative exercises taught beautifully in the Healing From the Core program, which includes a six level training series and a complementary audio series. All of this is based on her years of experience helping fellow healthcare practitioners hold a healing space for themselves, as well as developing their own therapeutic presence for clients and patients. She is passionate about teaching people practical skills that allow them to feel the joy of being present in each moment of their lives, without burning out. To that end, she has completed a book and companion audio, Full-Body Presence: Learning to Listen to Your Body’s Wisdom.

Serge Paoletti, D.O. (U.K) is a graduate of the European School of Osteopathy in Maidstone, England. He has taught at that school as well as at the College Internationale d’Osteopathy in St. Etienne, France, the Viennese School of Osteopathy, the French Osteopathic College in Paris, and the German Osteopathic School in Hamburg.

Dr. John E. Upledger is co-founder of The Upledger Institute International, Inc. and former medical director of Upledger Clinical Services. Born on February 10, 1932 in Detroit, Michigan, Dr. Upledger passed away on October 26, 2012 at his home in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. For manual therapists and other healthcare practitioners worldwide, his legacy is his generosity of spirit in sharing his discoveries and knowledge and ensuring their right to practice, For his patients and the patients of his students, his legacy is an open mind and heart to the validity of non-traditional medical approaches. For his family and good friends everywhere, his legacy is to stay with your journey despite the obstacles. He has proudly passed the torch From His Hands to Ours.

  • Co-Founder, The Upledger Institute (now Upledger Institute International)
  • Medical Director (Retired), Upledger Clinical Services
  • 1975-1983 clinical researcher and Professor of Biomechanics at Michigan State University
  • Certified Fellow of the American Academy of Osteopathy
  • Academic Fellow of the British Society of Osteopathy
  • Doctor of Science, Medicina Alternativa


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